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About Jolly Burrito

The American Dream by way of Mexico

Welcome to the Jolly Burrito, owned and operated by Jose Ruiseco since 1990. He came to America in the 1960’s in hopes to live the American dream. He started out as a bus boy speaking no english. After a few years, he learned the language along with many important skills related to the restaurant business. In 1968 with a few small loans, he opened his first Mexican Restaurant. He went on to open many other restaurants in his life time and the one that would stand the test of time was opened in 1990… Jolly Burrito. Now, after 50 years and 25 restaurants later, Jose has retired and turned over Jolly Burrito to his youngest daughter Monica Ruiseco who is committed to keeping her father’s legacy going. Jolly Burrito has the same delicious taste and legendary recipes that have kept the local community coming back for decades.